I’m a simple man.

My name is Rowan Gottschalk, and in 2014, I earned an associates degree from New England Institute of Technology in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design.

Reynir (pronounced Ray-Neer) Graphics‘ started as a thought in late 2008 (under the name ‘PeaceOfMind: [RG Designs]‘) and officially started to build the company in 2009.  Through my time in high school, ‘PeaceOfMind‘ grew as I did. And by the time I graduated in 2011, it felt as ‘PeaceOfMind‘ did as well. On the first of November 2011, I decided that the name needed to grow up as well. Thus, ‘PeaceOfMind: [RG Designs]‘ evolved to ‘Ryan Gottschalk Designs‘.By the time 2013 rolled around, it felt as if the company needed something. So in 2013, ‘Ryan Gottschalk Designs‘ changed to ‘RG Consulting&Designs‘. But by the time 2013 came to a close, ‘RG Consulting&Designs‘ had made its last change. And from that ‘Reynir Graphics‘ stepped into the spotlight. After standing on its own for 3 years, I felt it was in need of a much deserved face-lift; no changes to the core of ‘Reynir Graphics‘ or how we’ve been opperating, just an update in style to further show how not only I, but ‘Reynir Graphics’, have been growing.