“How to” Video

How does one “LARP”?  What is “Live Action Role Play?”  How am I supposed to act during this?

All of these questions, and more, are answered in this video.

When I was in my fourth term at New England Tech, one of the projects we got to do was a “How To” project. We were told to do something that we love. Something that we wanted to teach others about. For me that would be LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). Most of the other students in my class understood that I did this activity, but none of them knew what it was. This was a way to not only help explain this type of social event to my classmates, but to others who either: don’t know what LARP is or want to know because they’re interested in joining one.
After choosing the idea for my video, I started with the storyboard.


Once I had the storyboard complete, and I knew what shots had to be filmed. I started filming. I went to many locations:
– Different labs at NEIT,
– The NEIT parking lot
– and many locations at a Campsite in Connecticut (Camp Nahaco: This is where I work for the “Creative Roleplay Organization“, or “CRO”, as a cast member certain weekends out of the year.)



There were some scenes I needed help with, and that help is Alex Chapin, Chris “Topher” Schuh, and Chloe Hedenskog.
The stars of the movie were Alex Chapin, Michael Coffey, Chloe Hedenskog, Corey Parker, Joshua “Curly” Charest, and myself.
Lastly, the narrator is someone I’m very close to. Actually, I can’t get any closer. The voice over work for this video, as well as a “How To” video done by Alex Chapin and a “How To” video by Kayla Leon, was narrated by me.
After all of the work was completed in Adobe’s Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition, the video was finally pieced together.



A special thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this informative video!
-Rowan Gottschalk